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Hazelnut Coffee -- Smelly Jelly Air Freshener

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(One) Smelly Jelly Air Freshener ~They will keep your rooms smelling fresh for months! Great to put into your car cup holder!!! 

You will get a full 8oz jar with a cute little lid that you can pop out the inside foam protector & put the lid back on. Because it has the daisy flower on top, you can have the smelly jelly jar protected from spillage & still have the wonderful aroma that is able to escape.

Now you can have a wonderful way to scent without the hazard of a flame.

When the fragrance isn't as strong or they start to evaporate, just add some warm distilled water to them, swirl and they will plump back up and smell great again!

Smelly Jelly Air Fresheners do not require burning so they are ideal for all spaces: Camper, office, desk, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, college dorm, closet, cars, and endless possibilities!!

For a stronger sent: put in a sunny window, or put jar on a candle warmer.